Workforce Management Outsourcing

Run your teams more efficiently and lower your operational costs with expert workforce management support.

experts in outsourcing back office

Organizing teams for optimal performance

With 15+ years of experience combined within the customer service industry, we have developed efficient ways to plan, schedule and forecast future needs of our clients across dozens of industries and channels. Matching your customer needs with the right staff attribution is the key to boosting service levels and lowering employee attrition rates.   

Decision-making based on real-time data

A sudden volume spike in the number of customer service requests? Live chat interactions are dropping but the phone lines are just getting busy? Our Real-time Analysts track agent interactions in real time and use the existing data to immediately optimize workload.

experts in outsourcing back office
experts in outsourcing back office

A clear overview of capacities

Get a sound understanding of your capacities up to 3 months in advance. Assign your specialists to schedule based on their skills, preferences and existing and future business needs. 

Forecasting future needs

Get insight into your future needs before they happen! We proactively analyze your historical data to determine patterns in customer behavior and long-term trends that might affect your workload. Forecasting doesn’t just allow for more time to balance your workload but also to optimize staff deployment based on future labor demands.

experts in outsourcing back office
experts in outsourcing back office

Continuous in-house education

Our education programs go far beyond onboarding or improvement trainings. An internal team of trainers is in charge of developing and nurturing our wide pool of talents. Workshops and trainings are organized all year long, from soft skills and time management trainings to developing leadership potentials.

Highest level of information security

Your can relax knowing we treat your data with utmost care. Except for being GDPR-compliant, all of our procedures have met the extensive ISO criteria and received triple ISO certfication – for information security, quality management and customer contact centeres.

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Covering 20+ languages…

… on all top platforms

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What’s included in the service?

Customer Experience Strategy

Together with you, we draft the entire customer experience: tools, processes, people, KPIs and requirements.


We find and hire the best-fit candidates to form customer teams dedicated to your business only.

Technology setup

Depending on your needs, we provide full technical solutions or integrate with your existing ones.

Training & Development

From customized onboarding tranings and knowledge base to internal education programs, we continuously develop your team’s skills.

Workforce Management & Reporting

We handle your team’s schedule and capacities, provide detailed reports on your KPIs and forecast future needs.

Quality Assurance

The quality of your customer team interactions is frequently monitored to ensure they meet the highest of standards.

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"You have exceeded every single expectation that we’ve set for you guys!"

Martin Mason

VP of Customer & Employee Experience, tado°

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Jochen Heidenberger

ex-Head of Customer Care, Tourlane

"You guys successfully implemented a new process without us feeling the pain that usually comes with it. Priceless."

Christopher Zhu

Managing Director & COO, ready2order

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