Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Get an objective and comprehensive overview of your call center quality to improve your overall customer experience.

experts in outsourcing back office

Setting up the benchmark for call quality

Every interaction your customers have with your brand can make or break their loyalty to it. After years of providing premium quality support for brands across the majority of industries and communication channels, we developed a framework and scoring system for call center quality assurance that allows other call center providers to reach the premium level of service. Now your internal or external teams can take their customer satisfaction and quality scores to another level, too.

Quality assessment based on behavioral analysis

Steer your customers behavior towards the goal you want them to reach! Our approach to quality assurance is rooted deeply in behavioral science insights. This means our dedicated team will not only assess the quality of your specialists’ calls but also detect points of improvement in the way your current call scripts and knowledge base are formed, and develop an action plan that leads to higher conversions.

experts in outsourcing back office
experts in outsourcing back office

Coaching and skill building

Once your team’s or individual specialist’s areas for improvement are detected, we provide rich feedback and tailor-made coaching in line with their needs.

Highest level of information security

Your can relax knowing we treat your customer data with utmost care. Except for being GDPR-compliant, all of our procedures have met the extensive ISO criteria and received triple ISO certfication – for information security, quality management and customer contact centeres.

experts in outsourcing back office

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What's included in the service?

Customer Experience Strategy

Together with you, we draft the entire customer experience: tools, processes, people, KPIs and requirements.


We find and hire the best-fit candidates to form customer teams dedicated to your business only.

Technology setup

Depending on your needs, we provide full technical solutions or integrate with your existing ones.

Training & Development

From customized onboarding tranings and knowledge base to internal education programs, we continuously develop your team's skills.

Workforce Management & Reporting

We handle your team's schedule and capacities, provide detailed reports on your KPIs and forecast future needs.

Quality Assurance

The quality of your customer team interactions is frequently monitored to ensure they meet the highest of standards.

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