Privacy policy

Policy Summary

In Q Experience d.o.o. the privacy of individuals will always be respected in accordance to the laws, the EU General Regulation and the organizational principles of privacy set out in this policy. The personal data of our respondents – employees, clients, external associates and business partners at our disposal, will not be made available to the third party legal entity and natural persons without their consent. The respondent and the Data Protection Agency (AZOP) will be notified of any possible errors in personal data protection, and Q Experience d.o.o. will take all available measures to reduce the negative impact per respondent.


In Q Experience d.o.o. all data that we obtain, process, store or transmit, and which relate to individuals (respondents), must be adequately protected from unauthorized access or malicious changes. When obtaining, storing, processing or transmitting information relating to the respondent, we must at all times respect their wishes and rights to privacy. All employees who in any way come into contact with the data of the respondents are familiar with all the rules of protection of privacy of the individual, and have the obligation to sign a Statement of Confidentiality in which they undertake responsibility in case of their contribution to the violation of data.

Privacy objectives

Q Experience d.o.o. will:

1. Use methods that allow understanding the risk of privacy of respondents for the data which is being processed

2. Take all measures to protect the personal data of the respondent in terms of protection of his privacy

3. Preserve the integrity of personal data of respondents

4. Consistently apply the established principles of privacy of respondents

5. Ensure that the Code of Conduct for Processors and Executors is consistently implemented

6. Ensure that privacy will not adversely affect the acceptance of the service by user-clients

Privacy principles

1. A privacy impact assessment shall be conducted for all systems or processes involved in the acquisition, handling or storage of personal data.

2. Employees will be aware of and responsible for adhering to the privacy requirements applicable to their role.

3. Funding for appropriate privacy monitoring activities in operational and project management processes will be provided.

4. Data protection status reports will be available to everyone at Q Experience d.o.o.

5. Situations that may lead the organization to violate laws and regulations will not be tolerated.


All managers are responsible for ensuring that workers working under their supervision protect information in accordance with the organization’s standards.

Every manager and employee has a responsibility for privacy as part of doing their job.


All individual privacy-related policies and their principles and guidelines form an integral part of this policy.

This policy and its guidelines, on the day of publication, become the obligation of every employee in Q Experience d.o.o. Any non-compliance or circumvention will be considered a violation of duty.