Even when compared to all my previous jobs, heloo is the coolest company I worked for.

Jorge's Story

Jorge Ivan Higginson Grgurić

Communications Specialist

As a Communication Sciences graduate, I worked for some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in Peru for six or seven years. One part of my family originates from Croatia, so I wanted to learn about my roots and applied for a scholarship to study Croatian in Croatia for a semester. Four and a half months flew by, I fell in love with the country, and after a quick trip back to Peru, here I was back again.

Finding work as a foreigner in Croatia can be quite a challenge. I applied for a job at heloo without being sure what to expect, but my Spanish skills came in handy – and that’s how I landed a job as a customer care specialist. In 2017, I was one of the first Spanish-speaking colleagues in the team. Since then, I have recommended heloo to all my friends from the Croatian course, so we still have a pretty big Spanish-speaking community here!

heloo is simply a workplace where I feel comfortable. Of course, every job is stressful sometimes, but somehow I never felt like I was pushed to the limit here. Understanding, support, and always being able to reach out to someone are what made my path smooth. There is this cliché that contact centers are bad places to work, but my experience here tells me a completely different story. It’s so easygoing and nice that it can look a bit unreal, you know? So it can be trickly showing it to the world.

Apart from communications, music is my big passion. I play bass, and I play different styles, with heavy and power metal being my favorite! Back in Peru, I made an international metal opera with eight other singers from all around the world. So naturally, in Croatia, I joined a few bands, and one of them is also a band that we started with colleagues from heloo. We often gather and just jam together in the office fun room.

During my years at heloo, I applied for several positions, not always successfully. When a communications specialist position opened, I wasn’t sure if I stood a chance, but I wanted to give it a try. And here I am today, able to connect my studies and work experience in Peru with the one I gained here as a customer care specialist.