In heloo, I don’t feel like I am just a number.

Ivica's Story

Ivica Glasnović

Customer Care Specialist

In heloo, I don’t feel like I am just a number. I’ve been here since 2017, working on three different projects and seeing the company transform from a couple of dozen people to a couple of hundred. Many things have changed, but I still feel this is the place where people come first.

Back in the days, I’ve stumbled upon heloo by lucky coincidence! My brother was searching for a job, but he was in Switzerland at the time, so I helped him apply. I figured out it wouldn’t be a bad place to work during that process, so I sent in my application as well!

I spent most of my childhood and youth in Switzerland, where I gained both my education and valuable work experiences that I brought with me to heloo. People were the main reason I moved back to Croatia, and they are also what I love the most about heloo.

Even though I have the option of working from home, I still prefer coming to the office to hang out with my colleagues, soak in the atmosphere, and play ping pong, of course. I take the latter one very seriously! When it comes to office ping pong, I don’t give in to any competitor, not even the girls!