Business Continuity Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to define the objective, scope and basic rules for business continuity management. This Policy is applied to the entire Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in TaskUs Croatia Ltd. Users of this document are all employees of TaskUs Croatia Ltd, as well as all suppliers and outsourcing partners who have a role in the BCMS.

The purpose of business continuity management is to identify potential threats to an organization and the impacts to business operations those threats might cause, and to provide a framework for building organizational resilience with the capability of an effective response.

With the implementation of business continuity, TaskUs Croatia Ltd wants to fulfil its strategic and operational objectives. Business continuity management is implemented compliant to requirements of statutory, regulatory, contractual and other requirements, and within the framework defined by the BCMS documented information.

The CEO of TaskUs Croatia Ltd  is responsible for setting the objectives for the whole BCMS and the method for measuring the achievement of those objectives. CEO is also responsible for reviewing those objectives at least once a year. Actions to achieve these objectives are determined in the Risk Treatment Plan, Preparation Plan for business continuity, corrective actions according to Procedure for corrective action, and Management review.

Business continuity management System is implemented for the entire organization, with special attention paid to activities identified during Business impact analysis.

Business continuity management must ensure that services will recover to a pre-defined level. All activities related to services are listed in Business continuity strategy.

The Management Board must review this Policy at least once a year or each time a significant change occurs, and prepare a review report. The purpose of management review is to establish the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the BCMS.

Arrangements related to business continuity must be exercised and tested at least once a year  using various methods in order to assess whether they can protect organizations’ activities .

TaskUs Croatia Ltd. ensures that all employees, as well as suppliers and outsourcing partners who have a role in the BCMS are familiar with this Policy.

Hereby the Management Bord  declares a comittment to continual improvement of BCMS and declares that all elements of BCMS implementation will be supported with adequate resources in order to achieve all goals and objectives set according to this Policy, as well as satisfy all identified requirements.

TaskUs Croatia Ltd. will consider the following when performing the changes required to ensure the BCMS performs as expected and fulfills its objectives:

  • purpose and potential consequences of proposed changes,
  • preservation of the integrity of the BCMS,
  • resources available to perform changes,
  • changes in responsibilities and authorities.

When evaluating the effectiveness and adequacy of this document, the following criteria is considered:

  • number of employees and suppliers/outsourcing partners who are not familiar with this document,
  • nonconformity of business continuity management with legislation and regulations, contractual obligations, and other internal documents of the organization,
  • ineffectiveness of BCMS implementation and maintenance,
  • unclear responsibilities for BCMS implementation.